• Grill Grate Tool

Grill Grate Tool

$11.95 CAD

Cleaning up the grill is easy with the Outset Universal Grill Grate Scraper Tool. This convenient universal grill scraper has 10 grooves that work with most grill grates; 5 grooves for v- shaped grates, 5 grooves for round grates, a flat side for griddles and a BONUS built-in bottle opener! This compact grill grate scraper tool is made of heavy duty  stainless steel, includes an S-hook for convenient hanging and a black velvet storage bag. It is sturdy and durable enough to remove tough build up, yet small enough to slip into your back pocket. It fits a wide variety of grills from charcoal, propane, gas and electric to ceramic, infrared, kamado, pellet, smoker grills and even indoor ovens. Our barbecue grill cleaning tool is safer and more effective than wire and nylon brushes and eliminates the risk of leaving pieces of wire behind and falling into food, all while effectively removing burnt on food and BBQ sauce with ease. Perfect compact grill cleaner for on-the-go grilling while tailgaiting, camping, going to the beach, picnics and barbecues!