• Cape Herb and Spice - Louisiana Cajun Seasoning

Cape Herb and Spice - Louisiana Cajun Rub

$9.95 CAD

Cape Herb & Spice brings a vibrant blend of cultures and flavours – from the tip of Africa to the tip of the tongue

Savour this Southern-style blend of spices perfectly suited for use with all cuts of meat and seafood. Apply liberally with oil 20 minutes prior to grilling, and again during the cooking process for depth of flavour. Knead into bread dough before baking. Excellent on roasted potato wedges or stirred through cream cheese for the ultimate chip or bread dipper. Use it to season your chicken or beef strips for a flavoursome wrap or sandwich filling.  

Packaged in boldy designed shaker-top tins which are equally as easy to use as they are easy on the eye. The sprinkle insert allows cooks to lightly dust the rubs onto their food without physically having to rub them in.