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Grillers Monthly Prime Time - ships - May, June, July and August - (four months)

$146.00 CAD

Grillers Monthly Prime Time (four months) -  Our Prime Time Grillers Monthly Subscription ships May, June, July and August.

For each of the four Prime Time Grilling months (May, June, July and August) we will source, sample and select a unique assortment (4-6 full size products) of the best quality grilling spices, salts, sauces, rubs, marinades or grilling accessories to be shipped directly to your door. Each month you can savour the unique flavours that these
products can add to you Grilling experience. If there is a story to tell about
the products, we will include the story and sample recipes where available.

Over the course 12 months, we guarantee, you will not receive the same product