• Q Swiper Grill cleaning wipes - 40 count

Q-Swiper Wipes 40 count refill

$14.95 CAD

Q-Swiper Wipes refill - 40 count.
Best used with a Q-Swiper BBQ Grill Brush 
  • Use a new clean Q-Swiper moist BBQ grill cleaning wipe before every time you BBQ for a clean & healthy grill.
  • Stop reusing a dirty BBQ Grill Brush, soiled scrub pad or wooden scraper over and over again to clean your dirty grill grates
  • Removes the risk and threat of harmful bacteria build-up on your grill.
  • Bristle Free and Wire Free Cleaning
  • No need to worry about potentially harmful steel wire grill brush bristles getting dislodged onto food and dangerously ingested
  • Q-Swiper Cleaning Wipes remove grease to cut down on dangerous flare-ups
  • Use on a cool grill before you cook so you avoiding cleaning over a hot flame